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Ice Cream Cone Ornament

We've determined that there must have been one moment in my mom's life that she broke a favorite glass ornament.  She has such an intense opinion on glass ornaments, at least with … [Read More...]

Flax Bag

Flax Bag

Just before the United States Labor Day, my mom asked me to sew up a couple of new flax bags for some of her friends at work.  She spends part of her time as a civilian volunteer … [Read More...]

Pinecone Ornament

During our college days with a young family, we tried to be creative as we tried to come up with clever christmas crafts.  One year we collected pinecones from the various … [Read More...]

Fluffy the Snowman

Materials Method The body … [Read More...]

Little Baby

I know it's a snow day so I wanted to get this post up quick.  There are pictures coming, they just aren't quite ready yet, but here are the instructions so you can get … [Read More...]

Bear Claw Ice Scraper

Hi Guys!  The Santa's workshop took a lot longer to put together than I planned.  I will have the information you are looking for up by Friday December 20th at the latest! … [Read More...]

Microwave pad

Microwave Hotpads

So our youngest daughter is in a streak of independence.  She is striving to be self-sufficient and this often means that she is doing things that an over-protective mother gets a … [Read More...]

Chocolate Stained Glass Windows, close-up with crackers

Stained Glass Window Chocolate (Marshmallow Roll)

While this is a beautiful confection for any time, we have made this one of our traditional Christmas goodies.  My job growing up was to smush the crackers.  Meat mallets work … [Read More...]

One Plump Turkey

One Plump Turkey

This year I was writing our feather pen post for our Christmas tree donation, just as I was finishing up the great Halloween pack up.  The kids teased me that it was not even … [Read More...]

Turkey Roll

Turkey Roll

Last year we wanted to give a Thanksgiving treat to our children's teachers but we really wanted to avoid giving a lot of sweets.  We came up with a few ideas that evolved into … [Read More...]